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Pukka Stuff

A few ideas to encourage you to pedal on...

Pedalling with Pals

We love the fact that cycling is a social activity, here are some local groups and events we like.

Tonya’s Challenge                                                Breeze Southwell

Southwell Spartans300 Cycle Club

Newark Castle Cycling Club


Everyone knows that cyclists like cake. When you are burning up the calories, its allowed.

We love a cake stop at the following friendly cakeries:

Newfield Dairy

Tuxford Windmill

Manor Farm Tea Shoppe, Bleasby

A Good Fettle

Because we are perfectionists, when it comes to cleaning and protecting your bike we use the innovative Purple Harry range. There's nothing more annoying than gears clattering or brakes squeaking because last week's grit and grime is clogging up your components. We also sell this new British brand, so stock up at your next repair or service and give your pride and joy some Purple Harry lovin'.

Why Pukka Pedals?

Thanks for asking! Well, we like riding bikes and we noticed that other people wanted to ride to, but their bikes were at the back of the garage needing minor repairs.

These days people don’t have the time to take their bikes to bicycle repair shops to get them fixed. So their bikes stay in the garage or shed until they decide to put them in a skip and buy a new one.

We didn’t like this! So we had an idea about setting up a local business that would bring bikes back to life, without the hassle of going to a bike shop.

We decided to call the service Pukka Pedals - because pukka literally means “ready” - we make sure your bike is always ready to ride.

Pukka is generally used to mean “authentic”, “top notch”, “solid” - and that’s the service we deliver.

Now we’ve got loads more friends to ride bikes with.