We'll collect and deliver your bike for FREE within a 5 mile radius of Southwell.

Some people just want a repair. We can do that. We’ll tell you what’s wrong and what it will cost to put right. We’ll source the parts and carry out the repair. We take the time to source components that other bicycle repair shops will tell you are obsolete. Here are some typical repairs we carry out:

  1. Puncture repair (including standard inner tube)        

  2. Fit new tyre                                                                        

  3. Brake block replacement                                                 

  4. True wheel or replace spoke                                          

  5. Gear tune-up                                                                      

  6. Brake tune-up                                                                     

  7. Fit standard brake or gear cables (including cables) 

  8. Bike valet—wash down, lubricate, polish                      

Other people want their bike serviced to iron out niggles and make sure riding is enjoyable and trouble-free. We can do that as well. We offer three levels of cycle servicing, all are completed in a few days:

1. Pukka Safety Service: £24.99

Designed to ensure your safety - we thoroughly check your bike, make minor adjustments, and report any major faults.

2. Pukka Regular Service: £49.50

Designed for once-a-year maintenance to  make your bike last longer, increase your riding enjoyment and ensure your safety.

3. The Full Pukka Service: £99.50

Designed for neglected bikes that need a complete overhaul, or for once-a-year optimisation of the enthusiast’s machine.  

For a full explanation of what we do in each

service, please call us, or download our price list here:

How our prices work

All prices are for labour only—parts are extra. We always advise you before buying and fitting a part. The price list includes the most common repairs—if you don’t see what you need, ask us for a quote. Our labour charge is 15.00 per hour.

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Pukka Repairs & Servicing

What we promise to do:

• We’ll give your bike a     visual once-over and tell you if it’s terminal or fixable.

• We’ll diagnose and fix faults, and not do unnecessary work.

• We’ll give you an idea of what the work will cost before we carry it out.

• We’ll source all parts and fit them.

• We’ll road test your bike, not just spin the wheels on a bike stand like some bike shops do.

• We’ll collect and deliver your bike at a time that is convenient to you.